Online Tutoring Course

UASK Education provides a personalized and professional tutoring service to grade 7-12 students. Our education system effectively matches students with their ideal tutors based on their individual needs.

Focusing on the current curriculum, assignments, and homework, our teachers will help the students to reach their academic goals and future career success.

Courses provided for high school students at different levels:
Who Should Take This Course:

Grade 7-12 students

Course Objectives:

*To help with students’ assignments and homework;

*To maximize learning potential and improve students’ academic performances;

*To prepare for further studies and develop critical thinking ability & learning strategies;

*To increase the chances of getting admitted to better colleges and universities.

Course Features:

*Individualized class is designed for each student. Our teacher can attend to the specific needs of every student. Weekly feedback is provided to the student for a better review;

*Online course provides an opportunity to manage time efficiently. The online platform could enable students to fulfill tasks as in a real classroom. Teachers work interactively with students to ensure the consolidation of concepts and enhance students’ understanding.

*We offer a variety of courses and follow the Ontario Curriculum, supplemented by enrichment or remediation as required. Our courses are interactive and regularly monitored by a course coordinator.

*Becoming an independent and critical thinker is highly expected for every student. We encourage our students to learn by helping them cultivate study habits and organizational skills, which in turn, maximizes learning potential.

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