Online English Course

Designed by the highly respected teaching and research team, UASK ESL Curriculum has been carefully crafted to help students achieve their full potential.

While exploring social values, the course methodically enhances students’ language skills, improves their language proficiency, and increases their confidence.

Who Should Take This Course:

Young ESL learners aged 4-18.

Course Objectives:

*To increase English reading and writing fluency;

*To improve English language listening and speaking skills;

*To become more comfortable and confident communicating verbally;

*To enhance overall comprehension;

*To appreciate and acknowledge the interconnectedness of the global community.

Course Features:

*Guided visualization exercises with total physical response activities that stimulate the imagination and make learning English an enjoyable and creative experience for all.

*Social values are presented and explored in lively stories that run throughout the course.

*Thinking skills are developed and enhanced with activities specially designed to train students’ memory and improve their concentration.

UASK Teachers