Online IELTS Course

The UASK IELTS Preparation Course (A/G) is intended for learners at different levels. Our experienced teachers are former IELTS examiners, and they are thoroughly familiar with the expectations from the IELTS test.

The preparation course introduces the structure of the IELTS exam as well as strategies for all the components, in order to help students achieve better results.

Who Should Take This Course:

IELTS test takers or prospective test takers

Course Objectives:

*To understand what to expect in each section;

*To know the best way to achieve ideal IELTS goals;

*To answer the questions effectively in a limited time;

*To be better equipped to apply for universities in English-speaking countries.

Course Features:

*Study with official practice test materials and receive feedback from an instructor.

*1-on-1 online interactive class, allowing students to receive a personal and tailored learning experience.

*Help students identify common errors and give students the necessary strategy to avoid repeating them in a real test.

UASK Teachers