Online French Course

UASK FSL program is restrainedly designed in accordance with the Ontario Curriculum (Core French, Extended French, and French Immersion).

The program strives to support high-quality learning while giving every student the opportunity to learn in a way that is best suited to individual strengths and needs.

Who Should Take This Course:

Young & Adult FSL learners (Beginner level to advanced level)

Course Objectives:

*To communicate and interact in French fluently in a variety of social settings;

*To make use of effective language learning strategies;

*To become lifelong language learners for personal growth and active participation as world citizens.

Course Features:

*Promoting language proficiency of the four communication skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading) as well as enabling each student to reach the full potential;

*Distinct learning programs such as 1-on-1 VIP Class, 1-on-2 Buddy Class, and 1-on-4 Peer Study Class can better facilitate the learning needs of students at different levels;

*Positive outcomes for students in the UASK FSL curriculum include improved problem-solving skills, a better understanding of various aspects of cultures, and expanded career opportunities.

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